We aim to bring your pet a premium veterinary service in the comfort of their own environment.

Professional vet care at home or on the beach

Professional vet care at home or on the beach

Our Beginning

Your Mobile Vet started in the suburbs of Greater Auckland where most people face a lengthy commute and few people have time to take half a day off just to get their pets yearly vaccinations up to date.


“Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings”

— pubilius syrus


At Your Mobile Vet we believe that regular health check ups are vital for catching problems early and preventing unnecessary distress.

We also know that fitting a trip to the vet into a jam packed day can be challenging and stressful for both pet and owner.

So we set about bringing the vet clinic to you.   

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Our Mission

To bring professional veterinary service to all patients under our care.  

To help achieve this we work closely with a wide range of veterinarians, professionals and specialists all over Auckland.

We deal with all manner of cats, dogs, sheep, cows and other pets in the course of our travels but if we can't find out what is ailing your pet we are happy to recommend an expert.

Poor Charlie needs to wear a cone

Poor Charlie needs to wear a cone


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